Exabyte Fibre Channel Tape Libraries Add Serverless Backup

Thursday Jun 7th 2001 by Network Storage Forum Staff

X80 and X200 tape libraries will now include serverless backup capabilities

Exabyte Corporation today announced today that its Fibre Channel X80 and X200 tape libraries will now feature serverless backup capability as a result of embedding the extended copy (e-copy) command set in the M2 native Fibre Channel tape drive.

"For the first time, users will experience the true data speeds of disk and tape in the backup operation," said Jim Campbell, Exabyte SAN Alliance manager. "By eliminating server cycles from backup, we eliminate the constraints of the traditional backup window. Continuous, 24/7 backups become a reality."

According to Exabyte, the X200 is its highest capacity, highest performance MammothTape automated library, it stores up to 30 TB of data, with throughput of up to 1.08 TB per hour. The X80 supports a storage capacity up to 12 TB and data throughput of up to 864 GB per hour.

Exabyte expects the X200 and X80 to start shipping later this month. Pricing starts at $40,985.

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